Art and Sport: The Transcendental Problem Solving State

Quick Thought.

Art and Sport. (wondering this while watching Australian Open)
The fascination people have with both art and sport, at a higher level may be really the same thing (for instance how in physics, light and radio waves, or the weak and the strong nuclear force unite etc etc). It can be said, they are simply strongly related if not identical.

Art can be said to be a sport with internal (or psychic) opponents. Actions are taken according to the behavior of the opponent/conflict. There is a game element here perhaps.

We are drawn by events which:

A. Involve a closely matched set of opponents
B. Demonstrate a level of great skill
(perhaps added C. Represent something important to us or are representations of ourselves)

The triple threat of which draws our attention and requires a the person to enter a ‘transcendental problem solving state’. That is at least what we live for, when we appreciate both art and sport. An art or sport when it does not demonstrate A or B feels very boring. It is when we are in A and B, a person enters the TPSS, that is when we as an audience learn from and which we epitomize in these pursuits.

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