Deep Springs College

Deep Springs College

This educational institution is one of the only ones that really make sense to me. It only has about 30 students, admitting 10-15 each year. It’s a full scholarship school like Cooper Union. It’s 40 miles from the nearest town.

Students spend a portion of their time operating a ranch which sustains the university and they self-govern, with 2 seats on the board reserved for the students themselves. They debate, they work, they think, they learn during their tenure.

They are expected to dedicated their lives in service of humanity after they graduate, according to their mission statement.

Simply put, if given a chance, I would’ve loved to have attended it or to been a part of it (though there are many better candidates).

There is something to acquiring self reliance, isolation and to learning the cost of labor and physical cost of certain errors that combine to create independent thinkers and leaders. It is seemingly a necessary path to maturity.

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