For anyone who read my post on why wine was a good investment – June 5, 2009: The Star has posted some pretty similar findings in their investments over the decade review. Ughemm.Ughemm..–it-was-a-decade-of-volatility-for-investors

Here is the double usb mouse concept

That i’ve been holding onto for a long time. It would be simple to implement, with two usb mice. The problem is in the software, as the O/S needs to be reconfigured to either accept 2 input streams or to have the mice logically mapped from a single stream. Many applications would seem to be … Read more

Musik fun

Almost done moving… 3 moves in 3 months. This will be my new room in August. My friend Peemo (at put these up from his new shiny Ipod3GS. Enjoy :)

Using vectors to measure organization’s efficacy

Why are some organizations efficient and others not? It occurred that possibly the best way of analyzing and finding inefficiencies in an organization is to use vectors. Like electricity, macro-economics and swimming, aggregate/net action is really the most important thing. Measurement of energy versus application is easily seen with vector relationships. If bureacracy brings you … Read more

China’s Central Bank: correlation between energy usage and GDP diverge in latest numbers.

Interesting to note Paul Krugman’s point on recent Chinese central bank figures (if you follow this sort of stuff). Excerpted verbatim from here his blog at the New York Times online. May 29, 2009 What you don’t know … The focus these days is on the mismatch between China’s electricity consumption and a key measure … Read more

Why investing in wine is a good idea

More polemnical investing advice here. …Because of the zero rate interest policy of ‘the modern world’, if you are looking for the security of bonds, but not in this economic climate. I would highly recommend purchasing rare and expensive wines. (seriously). The reasons are several fold. A. Wines are commodities which hedge against inflation, hyperinflation … Read more