www.wikipedia.org/ - just plain useful. yet not evil. both.

www.craigslist.org/ - just plain useful. yet not evil. both.

www.sodaplay.com/ - create mechanical bots out of strings and pulley

www.angryalien.com/ - see pulp fiction in 30 secs with a cast of bunnies

ocw.mit.edu/ - if your name is W,Hunting and you sweep up garbage and solve math equations in your head and say "want them apples", then you probably want to go here. All of MIT's course material and exams for the entire University online.

www.travelblog.org/ - probably the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen are here.

www.alwinian.com/ - typed it accidentally once. this site is based in kuwait and 100% in arabic.

www.unjourdanslavie.org/ - a different person each day from a somewhere in the world, through their eyes via digicam, [en francais]

http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/lascaux/en/ - we consider 2,000 years a long time, but the caves at Lascaux displays the thoughts and lives of people 30,000 years ago, physiologically every bit as human as we. Their paintings will probably outlive a pampers diaper.

http://www.culture.gouv.fr/culture/arcnat/chauvet/en/ - here are the caves at chauvet-pont-d'arc, an even more recent find. Why may I ask is all the cave art in France?

www.hushmail.com/ - Email is easy to hack and spy on. open text baby... send Uber-encrypted emails, "like my password is my pet + the year I was born" or credit card info in SSL encrypted safety via email.

www.nationmaster.com/ - get every conceivable statistic of every aspect of every people or country on earth.


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