Waves & Music
An essay about waves and music, for classical musicians, and how the elements of pitch, rhythm, timbre can be sewn together through waves..
Piano Guitar and Bongos
Music section, with film music and compositions. No bongo music yet....working on it...
Web Portfolio
A portfoio of web design and graphic work. Sites, banners, print design and media rich pixel work.
Blog,Blog,till you drop.
Welcome to the VDA:
Verbal Dysentry Area:
8th Street Subway NYU
& Other Pics from Travel Pics

A study of the invisible perhaps.. that has so far been the unifying theme. here it goes..
Cirriculum Vitae
"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dress in overalls and loks like work."
-Thomas Alva Edison
"One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives"

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