The Study of the Invisible,

Welcome to my personal site. I would like for it to be about the integration of the arts (multimedia in one form or another) and personal interests in the world around. This portion of the site is dedicated to these things.

This includes stuff like: Music, Visual Art, Literature, as well as readings in Finance/Economics/Int'l Relations or would enjoy about things like Existentialism, Gauge Symmetry or Manifolds or whatever may be interesting to ponder. Things of which I have no specialty in... but which I am supremely interested. I call it the study of the invisible, because that is the common thread i can find between most of my interests and formal training. They are all basically things physically non-existent. {music ; web ; econ }

A love of coffee shops and travelling come as very close seconds, and are a lot easier to hurt someone with. Coffee is Hot and scalding after all,,,

So that is my story, I hope you find things here that are of value and that you enjoy.

Regards and Love - Alwin | Multimedia | About