Here is a link to some of my own personal writing:

Mozart's Child: (audio webcast)

How the current method of music education is taught. How Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, were taught primarily with composition and improvisation. The cognitive benefits of studying the creative arts.

Music as Waves short version:

The same basic idea as the longer version, but in 3 pages. You probably want to read this one.

Music and Waves Essay full version:

The nature of Music, and how hidden beneath the musicians nomenclature is the signature of waves. That all the elements of music can be united. I fell upon this idea independently but later found a precedent from about 1920. Regardless, I hope you find it enjoyable and a good read.

I am currently trying to cook up another idea, or at least expand on it. It is about music education and the disparity between how previous generations had focussed on novelty - which is something now I find entirely lost in the classical art music. | Multimedia