B.Strategy from Pop-Divas. Microsoft and RIM – Reinvent yourself – Madonna would of already.


You are 2 companies kinda sorta on the brink. Where once you were young and sexy, now you’re tattered and on the edge of a chasm, a couple stains on those suits and ties from 2000., If this sounds familiar – and coming from the music business – it does ring a familiar tune… rest safely in the arms of  the one and only She-Ra of Song + Dance. Express Yourself.

Microsoft: Your name might do better as a sexier simpler ‘M’. Not MS, Not Msoft. ‘M’ Corporation. Like if you came from a James Bond film, you would be top secret and cool. Your name would be a single letter. The letter M.

Take pop lessons from Madonna who went from Ciconne to only Madonna. Essence. Easier.

People might call you M-Co, which would be somewhat cooler. I have drawn up a logo of the new M-Co. (below). What do you think?

new-microsoft-logo-by-alwinJust like RBC, RBS, HBO, MGM to peel back into a single unit of the greco-roman alphabet M.

Simple, straight. The new M Co.

RIM: What do you have going for you now that those upstarts are here. iPhone, Android, Tabs, Pads and even the M-phone. What there isn’t is a suite of business tools aimed at a group of RIM users. Like how office was for business, but now on the phone and now with Basecamp integrated into the shell. That would kick you ahead.

Good Luck out there. Even Britney Spears is old now.

Bloggers + Lawyer Disclaimer. PLEASE NOTE: Above are personal subjective opinions about Microsoft and RIM from myself no others. They are only to be tongue in cheek, that is a joke, but with some sage biz strat somewhere in there hopefully. We should all practice a good sense of humor sometimes. Healthy.

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