Netflix Off-the-beaten track recommends: Unstrung; Art & Copy; Hubble’s Rescue; Sin Nombre

Out of the thousands of videos on Netflix, off the beaten path, i found these and would recommend them to you.  They more or less revolve around my passions: tennis, space, art/business, real-life (ie. the other side of the tracks). Honorary mention should go to Glass (about philip glass), Derrida (about jacques derrida), Word Wars … Read more

Using vectors to measure organization’s efficacy

Why are some organizations efficient and others not? It occurred that possibly the best way of analyzing and finding inefficiencies in an organization is to use vectors. Like electricity, macro-economics and swimming, aggregate/net action is really the most important thing. Measurement of energy versus application is easily seen with vector relationships. If bureacracy brings you … Read more

Why investing in wine is a good idea

More polemnical investing advice here. …Because of the zero rate interest policy of ‘the modern world’, if you are looking for the security of bonds, but not in this economic climate. I would highly recommend purchasing rare and expensive wines. (seriously). The reasons are several fold. A. Wines are commodities which hedge against inflation, hyperinflation … Read more

Wolfram-Turing Connection

This one-off may not make sense, without knowing who these people are, but here goes… It occurred that Wolfram cellular automata have within their domain, all Turing Machines, and is a more vivid representation of them outside of binary rules. Wolfram’s work is an extension of Turing’s, which is not something that i think is … Read more