HAL@HOME – The Coming Age of Ne(x)stables

Between 2001-2005, It was common for a technista to be carrying around a palm pilot, an iPod and a cell phone. 3 devices in the same form factor. It was obvious to those who saw it then that these functionalities would merge eventually to create the smart phone as we know it today (given enough speed+miniaturization). First by Blackberry and then later taken over by iOS and Android.

Fast Forward to today, it becomes possible to send an audio stream over the net, convert it to text, deduce the natural language meaning and action upon (ie. Siri and its competitors).

Today, we also have wi-fi enabled nest devices, Hue (Color LED lights by Philips) and household smart-network products like Sonos speakers.

It will only be a matter of time before the 3 converge to create a ‘talk to HAL@Home’ experience likely placing mics and speakers in every room, or using a phone (or smart pin if you’re concerned about privacy).

Need to check if the stove is on? (ask HAL). Need to put the lights out after you fall asleep or tell the dog you’re coming home (ask HAL). You’ll be able to ask for a music station in any room or to change the lights or start the bath.

Today’s @home offerings seems pretty nascent but the separate technologies exist already. Seems like It is likely just a matter of time before they converge into the next killer application.

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