Dogs in the wild: Thoughts on the domestication of our furry friends

Dog at a campfire

This entry is published on Medium. You can find the entry here: A recent encounter with a bobcat while jogging had me thinking about how we must have domesticated our closest friends, dogs. While we can’t say for certain, deeper thinking about the circumstances can shift the probability in favor of one scenario over … Read more

What do you personally think dark matter is? Random guesses

Most people take issue with speaking about things they are not qualified to discuss, but apparently I am lacking this better judgement :) The result of which is just being wrong…  Posting some wild speculations to the Quora question: What do you personally think dark matter is? Alwin: Just finished reading the the book 4% … Read more

Intricate geometries on spacetime’s rubber sheet

posted this question on Quora: What unusual geometries on the Reimannian ‘rubber sheet‘ of spacetime exist according to general relativity Hello Astrophysicists, a very specific question for you. It seems that the Reimannian ‘rubber sheet’ model of spacetime is useful in describing phenomena that we observe. Some examples below. vanilla gravity: curved spacetime given … Read more