E Minor March

Cleaning out the harddrives. A spot test and absolutely the first file created on the beloved macbook 15′ – 2011 model. Improvised a simple march and drew the poor soldier at work on the weekend. It’s just fun and admit – there is a soft spot for this wacky guy. Enjoy.  

No Reservations – Beirut

Well… natural scientists smash together particles to discover how things are fundamentally made… Perhaps there is a bit of that in this cooking show by Anthony Bourdain while in a conflict zone – not sure what else to say, but it is an interesting episode of great range.               … Read more

Awesome Docs – Design + Media

Some recommended Design and Media docs if you are looking to check out.   Press Play Pause – Quite the anthem for possibilities of New Media.   Indie Game – One or two people (which is a very small number) join forces to create a video game. Specifically for the XBox. Given the amount of … Read more