Why investing in wine is a good idea

More polemnical investing advice here.

…Because of the zero rate interest policy of ‘the modern world’, if you are looking for the security of bonds, but not in this economic climate. I would highly recommend purchasing rare and expensive wines. (seriously). The reasons are several fold.

A. Wines are commodities which hedge against inflation, hyperinflation etc.
B.  The cost of carry is very low, and furthermore you have the joy of keeping something which brings aesthetic joy while you hold it for the future;  this probably beats keeping porkbellies or wheat bushels in the basement which take up more room.
C.  The cost of other resources, like gold are probably overbought, for the same reasons the streets are jammed at 8am m-f, because that is where everyone else is.
D. Vintage wines are a diminshing quanitity over time.
E. Wine has been around for thousands of years in human history. Unlike a 2002 Ipod, it is a product that appreciates as it gets older. Older wines are invariably more expensive than younger ones. Though I don’ t have stats, from what I’ve seen with a 1 year bottle versus a 5 year bottle, the yield curve is a very good one.

In sum, it is a secure investment and not nearly as crazy as it seems.
Oh yeah, and if you decide to open an expensive bottle, call me.

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