Captcha Hack with Voice to Text

I’ve been using Siri and Text Recognition Programs such as Dragon Dictation. Great Programs. Today, i dictated the telephone number and text message with my phone. 100 other programs exist as stand alone applications. Does this technology make captcha irrelevant now (at least with the listen features). a. hook up voice recognition to any audio … Read more

Wolfram-Turing Connection

This one-off may not make sense, without knowing who these people are, but here goes… It occurred that Wolfram cellular automata have within their domain, all Turing Machines, and is a more vivid representation of them outside of binary rules. Wolfram’s work is an extension of Turing’s, which is not something that i think is … Read more

The path to AI. Comparing Pigs to Computers.

I’m reading about Mandelbrot right now, which is making me think about a lot about high frequency feedback loops right now. They abound in nature, and no one really wanted to look at them until Mandelbrot came along. He is this kind of anti-clean, anti-ascetic temperment personality which i really enjoy, the more i get … Read more