Brainstorm: QuBits + E-Banking + Summer Movie

This was an interesting article, there is a certain meritocracy in people using information more adeptly and cleverly than others, likely in this case the others being gulf banks, with laggard security systems and high networth Emirati accounts. Brainstorm time:: Reading about quantum computing stuff right now ::: we are close but still far away::: BUTT. whatif.

Imagine that quantum computing / qubits are actually successfully put into practice and that the first people to discover it are organized crime syndicates instead of the NSF or Google etc. It goes into private interest groups first (not inconceivable, highest bidder wins usually). What a fiasco that would create. Bank Accounts will be dropping to 0 in the time it take to churn a few megahertz.

I hope this never happens, but within the planetary explosion, colossal¬† disaster, thriller genre (think mission impossible or impact) this would make quite an awesome thriller scenario imho. (Hollywood, call up?!) There is just enough science to make it plausible but also palpable and exciting. The use of prime number based encryption algos + dan brown + soundtrack by Psy+Deadmau5. Weinstein Bros, I’ll be waiting for your call :)


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