Russian Paul, Little Daddy, Junior, Rock and the Gray Lady

In my opinion, they missed Rebecca, The Professor, GM William Lombardy, Red, Nate and a few others…..though none – except for Red were full time Hustlers. This is the world down at the Chess Shop (when it was there) and less fun imho… ==>Union Square. The talkative world and world of cigarettes, 2$ blitz games, unimpressive jokes, amazing music, kibitzing. What they miss in the article about Little Daddy is how sweet of a man he is. I’m surprised to see Russian Paul in print. Russian Paul! and to hear backstory and real names of some of these players. RIP Chess shop.

Of all the scenes, Pi Cafe in Montreal, Market Street in SF, Hacksel Square in Toronto, this is the seemingly the blitz kapital.

Another things to write about… I don’t see these guys around anymore.

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