Strange Loops and the responsibility of Art

One concept that I’m pondering is the act of bringing people along… in the same referential frame. An unfinished idea currently..


In my mind’s eye, I see sort of a drivable bus on a rollercoaster type image.

On the bus, what the driver sees is for argument’s sake, exactly what the passenger can see. You are all aboard the same vessel, sharing the same frame of reference and there is no 3rd camera or drone to provide another reference point.

… In such a setting it is possible for someone, the artist let’s say, but not just exclusively artist-types, to drive the bus in such a path as to illuminate the nature of the greater system.

That lightbulbs will hopefully go off in people’s heads if the bus is driven in a certain pattern. That I see as something worth trying to do. There is a higher order message there.

Subversive fire lighting…