The Oculus Quest 2 is amazing

…and feels like where we sat at the beginning of smart phone revolution when the iPhone 1-3 were released between 2007-2009. Just the start.

Extremely excited for VR, which I believe is the next logical ‘screen’ to arrive at after the supersized OLED phase we are in now.

WebXR (which streams immersive experiences) / 360 videos / and the social connections enabled by things such as the Echo Zero G app and others like it illustrate what a virtual environment is capable of doing, allowing multiple users to play and chat with one another in an immersive environment.

The most important thing in my opinion are:

  • to bring the resolution of the displays to a high enough level to avoid the screen door effect
  • to bring down the cost of the device
  • make it portable
  • extend non-game functionalities

I see most of these happening now with the Quest 2 release (appears the Quest 3 is under discussion for release this year) and am extremely enthusiastic about the platform.