La vie des Autres..

…If you had a parent living in a house, who locked their children up in the basement, provided no school, no health, no care, no nursing, allowing a dank basement as the only place to be, living in derelict conditions. Almost all of society would condemn this as unfit parenting and yet it is what ‘America the parent’ permits collectively.

Growing up in Canada – through ‘Canadian Eyes’ – it is something which i see daily and still cannot (and will not) get used to; even we in Canada are not that far ahead.

Having sons and daughters of the Nation – not growing up to contribute to society (and in fact stain it) seems an unwise social policy.

When the cost of 15 years of health and education, which pays such dividends, and when it is implemented in earnest.

Incarceration costs society not just socially but materially 60k+ a year each person. With 5% of the population we hold 25% of the world’s prisoners. Read this. That is much higher than any healthcare expense year over year.

Better to have people in society than out of it.

Just my opinion on the matter.

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