Bright Lights Big City – New York

My answers are usually quite – shall we say realistic – when people ask me what it is like to live in NY. It’s tough here, but the quality which I realize and now appreciate more. True of all big cities and all wide open places, is the ability to create your own reality and try to convert it into the reality of the world. Perhaps not your desired apartment or having to share a cafe table with 3 people – but inbetween that, you can start ‘swimming’ towards whatever vision you wish. Many times, people put themselves at the center of their chosen dream, they start building something where they are at its center on a pedestal, but not always. People who work for UN for eg (the truer spirits of that institution) come to form a community, same with people who may be on the gender spectrum outside of the norm, or ideologues in almost any pursuit. People will move to the suburbs or to Vegas to build a certain ‘reality’ too. Perhaps more so.

This constant transformation is something I really do like about living in gotham city.

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