Alwin @ SXSW

After several years in Music/Media, I finally made it to the big annual show! South by SouthWest A photo from our Spinner Showcase concert (3.13.2013) at Austin City Limits.

Ravel’s Pavane – (Lead Sheet) arr. Alwin

Dear World, Here is a version of Ravel’s Tune in lead sheet format. Useful for improvisation. Wasn’t able to find one and just ended up writing it out. Jpeg Version PDF Version No restrictions on use. Can be copied + modified, rearranged, deranged freely. Enjoy! A    

Spray on Shakira

Don’t usually post these things, as Joni Mitchell put it ‘being part of the star-making machinery’. I had a chance to sit in on Shakira filming a video. It was a fun.

The Adele Experience

About 2 1/2 years ago, Adele came by work.. Work was VEVO and she sat down to play through her new album. My first impressions of the girl was that she was stout with an extreme cockney accent. She sat down to play some tracks of her new unreleased album. This was ’21’, which became … Read more