Systematic Risks of Authentication in a Multiplatform world – Kvetchpost

Luckily the world is mostly full of ‘white hats’ as the term is used. In a day to day / data form driven world. The sweet spot of rigorous authentication while allowing people to forget passwords doesn’t really take into account the ‘systemic’ risk of standardizing authentication questions and other unique ways to identify you … Read more

Sneaksend – Blast from the past

Montreal Barcamp

Found an old pic from Montreal Barcamp… Sneaksend was a steganography app which embedded images by appropriating the least significant bits in an octet of an image. For eg. 11110101 and using the last digits (0101) to encode information. Ran on — will have to recreate one day. Sneaksend from guest779445

Zuckerberg Speaks at SF Disrupt 2012

Some Photos of Disrupt 2012, SF – where Zuckerberg made an appearance to speak. It was interesting, I learned a lot, most notably about the media news cycle but also (i think) about some of the in-the-room vibe of one M. Zuckerberg. Here is a person who could of cashed out many years ago. Empirically, … Read more

Mac Anti-trust Safari?

Macs OS, iphone, ipad etc all come with Safari pre-installed and bundled. Question: how is this different than what Microsoft did bundling IE with Windows, that lead to an anti-trust suit? Same situation no?

Early 20th Century Innovators

We are just entering a time period, whereby people’s lives, songs, videos photos, documents (classified or declassified) are entering into the public record. History is much more real, when you can see and hear in film what things were like. Recently I’ve been immersed daily in both reading and watching of early 20th century american … Read more