Here is the double usb mouse concept

double-mouse-concept-alwin-tongThat i’ve been holding onto for a long time. It would be simple to implement, with two usb mice. The problem is in the software, as the O/S needs to be reconfigured to either accept 2 input streams or to have the mice logically mapped from a single stream. Many applications would seem to be more intuitive with such an interaction. Click on the image for a larger version. So here it is. yup.

1 thought on “Here is the double usb mouse concept”

  1. Hi, i’ve been thinking about this too for a long time, but not much for drawing but for 3d sculpt and modeling, but your aproach is just the same that i thought. Hopefully someday windows will apply it :P or maybe there will be an app nor software that will do that.

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