Catharsis in Art and its similarity to heat transfer

I’m amazed at how humans know when something is heartfelt/emotional and how others remarkably respond to it. When a person speaks sincerely, through whatever mechanism, we tend to understand that person all the more through an emotional lens versus, just an intellectual one. I suspect part of the reason it is so fun to watch kids interact is because of the unfiltered emotional responses.

Often a compelling picture, word, piece of music has this unfiltered aspect, it radiates emotional energy which draws uponĀ a built up well of emotion (and desire) from the communicator themselves. The act of releasing this energy/tension is given the name Catharsis (of course!) through the Greeks, or possibly earlier.

What is similar to watch is, to see a build of energy, whether electrical, heat, or otherwise.

When something becomes saturated with energy versus it’s environment, past a certain boiling point it can’t hold any longer and releases it. Thinking now through the analogy of a energy dissipation also applies to the emotional realm. Thinking about the conservation of matter/energy. The release of energy into the environment, from a radiating point is quite the same for both these forms of energy as it is for emotional ones. The art ‘function’ if you will passes that built-up energy to the surrounding environment.

Just a thought

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