Marriage of Libraries + Bookstores into…

With the decline of both libraries and bookstores. It makes sense to consider that:

1. Lifelong learning and retraining of skills is more important than ever

2. Bookstores often are burdened by bricks and mortar (ie. rent) for an otherwise favorable public good

3. Libraries suffer from low user bases and are becoming obsolete in the age of the internet.

Enter the LifelongLearning Center (LLLC).

Something like an YMCA with a bookstore attached. A place where you can go take classes, borrow books (both free and premium) or if you like the ones that you are reading buy them. You can browse and reserve everything online, like in modern libraries too.

Super highspeed internet and workstations, as well as break out rooms for people to study.

Some form of this could potentially bring back the need for space, book economy and relearning. Just an idea.

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