Here is the double usb mouse concept

That i’ve been holding onto for a long time. It would be simple to implement, with two usb mice. The problem is in the software, as the O/S needs to be reconfigured to either accept 2 input streams or to have the mice logically mapped from a single stream. Many applications would seem to be … Read more


-Just installed this on my iPhone. FourTrack.  Makes it easy to multitrack record, while waiting for the subway (see post re: city hall). A very fun and handy app. -I’m offering free webhosting to any non-profit/charity that requires it, so feel free to contact me. -Some new strategic coming for “Upcoming in Interactive – Winter” … Read more

Musik fun

Almost done moving… 3 moves in 3 months. This will be my new room in August. My friend Peemo (at put these up from his new shiny Ipod3GS. Enjoy :)