Netflix Off-the-beaten track recommends: Unstrung; Art & Copy; Hubble’s Rescue; Sin Nombre

Out of the thousands of videos on Netflix, off the beaten path, i found these and would recommend them to you.  They more or less revolve around my passions: tennis, space, art/business, real-life (ie. the other side of the tracks). Honorary mention should go to Glass (about philip glass), Derrida (about jacques derrida), Word Wars … Read more

The path to AI. Comparing Pigs to Computers.

I’m reading about Mandelbrot right now, which is making me think about a lot about high frequency feedback loops right now. They abound in nature, and no one really wanted to look at them until Mandelbrot came along. He is this kind of anti-clean, anti-ascetic temperment personality which i really enjoy, the more i get … Read more