This couple from the bus…

It was an honor to stand behind this couple.. they were holding hands the whole time I saw them and clearly loved each other from their simple gestures. Because of their fragility, they navigated the world in a way that made our world seem Barbaric. They were dressed in absolutely pressed and formal clothing, and … Read more

Aim for the Third Frame

I’ve been thinking about the concept of a shared frame of reference as the beginning of all understanding between 2 disagreeing parties. Is agreeing on axioms and shared perceptual frames the only way to start connecting and speaking meaningfully about something usually subjective? Noticing that people usually who speak from a subjective ‘I’/my frame, may … Read more

Updated: New Photo of the Village Vanguard (2018) on Wikipedia

My apologies for the slow uptake on writing, it has been forever and much has changed. Nearing the end of the work-to-live ‘day job epoch’ and hopefully will enter the ‘creative freedom epoch’ within the next couple years. Uploaded another pic of the Village Vanguard to Enjoy!