Jazz Clubs in Manhattan

Bob Egan has written a nice post about the location of jazz clubs in NYC. I’m posting here in case his server quits for posterity. It is amazing how these clubs were really organically the first floors of homes, a few chairs, all beside one another. #history https://www.popspotsnyc.com/jazz_clubs/ Locations of Jazz Clubs in New York … Read more

The Oculus Quest 2 is amazing

…and feels like where we sat at the beginning of smart phone revolution when the iPhone 1-3 were released between 2007-2009. Just the start. Extremely excited for VR, which I believe is the next logical ‘screen’ to arrive at after the supersized OLED phase we are in now. WebXR (which streams immersive experiences) / 360 … Read more

Minimalist – Watch Design

Watch Design - Alwin

Posting some of my other work / experiments in watch design… This is more of a study to learn about the curvature of lugs, bevels etc. Less a work than the learning the process right now.

Strange Loops and the responsibility of Art

One concept that I’m pondering is the act of bringing people along… in the same referential frame. An unfinished idea currently..   In my mind’s eye, I see sort of a drivable bus on a rollercoaster type image. On the bus, what the driver sees is for argument’s sake, exactly what the passenger can see. … Read more

What do you personally think dark matter is? Random guesses

Most people take issue with speaking about things they are not qualified to discuss, but apparently I am lacking this better judgement :) The result of which is just being wrong…  Posting some wild speculations to the Quora question: What do you personally think dark matter is? Alwin: Just finished reading the the book 4% … Read more

Intricate geometries on spacetime’s rubber sheet

posted this question on Quora: https://www.quora.com/q/astrophysics1/What-unusual-geometries-on-the-Reimannian-rubber-sheet-of-spacetime-exist-according-to-general-relativity What unusual geometries on the Reimannian ‘rubber sheet‘ of spacetime exist according to general relativity Hello Astrophysicists, a very specific question for you. It seems that the Reimannian ‘rubber sheet’ model of spacetime is useful in describing phenomena that we observe. Some examples below. vanilla gravity: curved spacetime given … Read more

#thoughtoftheday – A commonality between chess and life

It’s interesting to note that in #chess, like life, a player can have ample material but not enough time (tempo) to win or succeed. This is common in a chess game where the player with less material emerges ahead It’s an interesting but not entirely identical feature, shared characteristic between the two. (Chess games have … Read more