La vie des Autres..

…If you had a parent living in a house, who locked their children up in the basement, provided no school, no health, no care, no nursing, allowing a dank basement as the only place to be, living in derelict conditions. Almost all of society would condemn this as unfit parenting and yet it is what … Read more

Art and Sport: The Transcendental Problem Solving State

Quick Thought. Art and Sport. (wondering this while watching Australian Open) The fascination people have with both art and sport, at a higher level may be really the same thing (for instance how in physics, light and radio waves, or the weak and the strong nuclear force unite etc etc). It can be said, they … Read more

Idea of the Day: Four Way Soccer

And all other fourway sports… but soccer seems as good a candidate as any. The teams are aligned opposites face one another.  Game Theory meets Bicycle Kicks.. teams can help each other out, encouraged, but not required. Teams with the highest score wins. A,B,C,D this encourages cooperation up to a certain point which is advantageous. … Read more

Using vectors to measure organization’s efficacy

Why are some organizations efficient and others not? It occurred that possibly the best way of analyzing and finding inefficiencies in an organization is to use vectors. Like electricity, macro-economics and swimming, aggregate/net action is really the most important thing. Measurement of energy versus application is easily seen with vector relationships. If bureacracy brings you … Read more