Updated: New Photo of the Village Vanguard (2018) on Wikipedia

My apologies for the slow uptake on writing, it has been forever and much has changed. Nearing the end of the work-to-live ‘day job epoch’ and hopefully will enter the ‘creative freedom epoch’ within the next couple years. Uploaded another pic of the Village Vanguard to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Village_Vanguard. Enjoy!

Seismology and Market Prediction

The phenomena of both earthquakes and the stockmarket. working thesis, the dynamics which make both unpredictable is the same. A buildup and unsustainable unbalancing phase followed by the crash portion. An unlocking. A lot of people would use that analogy as obvious, but take it one step further. Can seismologist just study financial charts as … Read more

Loose Meta: Butterflies and Quantum

-Card games are interesting versions of Wolfram’s cellular automata. Creating complexity from simple rules. -Watching a nova doc about the monarch butterfly / (also reading Walter Isaacson’s biography of Einstein)…. Metamixer. It could be that the observed ‘break’ between quantum and relativistic worlds is similar to the insect versus larger species world. The insects don’t … Read more

The Manhattan Project – Creating Open Source Audio Books

Hi – I wanted to create a project, where:   1. Creatives in NY can collaborate together towards open-source projects. Actors Reading, Writers Writing and Illustrators drawing. Namely creating audio/multimedia children’s books for the public. It will be under the Creative Commons license – attribution, no commercial, no derivative. This ensures that the participants are … Read more

A Trip to Mountain View

In February – I took a trip to Mountain View as a ‘3rd Rounder’ for their recruitment process. Although I didn’t get the position, it was certainly interesting to see the Internet Giant up close (and to a limited extent – to view its day to day operations from within). In preparation for my interview, … Read more

Russian Paul, Little Daddy, Junior, Rock and the Gray Lady

http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/17/nyregion/17hustlers.html In my opinion, they missed Rebecca, The Professor, GM William Lombardy, Red, Nate and a few others…..though none – except for Red were full time Hustlers. This is the world down at the Chess Shop (when it was there) and less fun imho… ==>Union Square. The talkative world and world of cigarettes, 2$ blitz … Read more

Brainstorm: QuBits + E-Banking + Summer Movie

http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/10/nyregion/eight-charged-in-45-million-global-cyber-bank-thefts.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0 This was an interesting article, there is a certain meritocracy in people using information more adeptly and cleverly than others, likely in this case the others being gulf banks, with laggard security systems and high networth Emirati accounts. Brainstorm time:: Reading about quantum computing stuff right now ::: we are close but still far … Read more